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It’s a Growing Problem

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the 4.2 billion people on social media around the world and if you’re under 25 you’ve known nothing else.  What is theoretically a fantastic way to connect with people has turned from an idealistic experiment into the largest mass communication tool in history – with a host of unfortunate and unintended consequences.

The fact is the human brain has not evolved fast enough to be able to cope with the avalanche of information, opinion and threat that exists on the average social media feed. This is the reason why a good deal of our actions online are unthinking, inauthentic and mostly unconscious.

The natural state for all humans is to be part of a group and to feel that comforting sense of belonging.  This innate desire, coupled with some completely natural but unfortunate thinking patterns (that social media exploits) are leading to sharp rises in levels of addiction, anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, and self-harm – not to mention anger, narcissism –  and at the violent end of the spectrum, cyberbullying.

What’s needed is a space to understand what’s going on and to get armed with the tools to take action and improve your life.

This series of workshops will be held in Central London. The next date will be announced as soon as we have a critical mass of people who’d like to attend. Please register your interest by clicking the Get in Touch link on the menu bar at the top of this page.

Perhaps you want to re-evaluate your relationship with social media or to understand a friend who seems to be disappearing down a rabbit hole. Or perhaps you’re a parent with children you’re worried about.  Or have someone in your life who seems less happy than they once were. Or maybe you just want to understand how this new technology works and vitally, how it effects your psychology.

This refers to addiction that involves compulsive behaviours. These are persistent, repeated behaviours that you carry out even if they don’t offer any real benefit.

The Workshops

In this workshop Nick will take you on an exciting tour of how social media effects your life and the lives of the people around you – most importantly, he will give you tools, strategies and confidence to take control of your relationship with Technology.

Nick will explore the following:

    • How to supercharge your confidence and feel good when online
    • What’s happening inside your head when your brain interacts with technology
    • Why Social Media is so addictive
    • Understanding the psychology of conspiracy theories
    • How to spot misinformation, scams, and fraudsters
    • Understanding how social media affects our decision making
    • Why so many people are angry online
    • How to focus and to increase concentration
    • What real friendships look like
    • How to make a strong connection with someone
    • The 5 things that science says make you happy (hint, they’re not on your phone)

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