The Awful Truth

Videos and articles describing the scope of the problems with Social Media

3 Voices from Silicon Valley

Chamath Palihapitiya – Social Media is Ripping Society Apart

Chamath Palihapitiya, former vice-president of user growth Facebook, expressed remorse for his part in building tools that obliterate ‘the social fabric of how society works’ Social media is creating a society that confuses ‘truth and popularity’

Jaron Lanier – Social Media Ruins Your Life

Jaron Lanier is an American computer scientist, philosopher and futurist. He wrote a best selling book called “why you should delete your Social Media accounts right now”. Here he makes the case as to why social media is not a force for good

Sean Parker – Facebook Exploits Human Vulnerability

The former Facebook executive lists the countless ways that the platform encourages addiction via “Brain Hacking” and admits they did it knowingly

Social Media in the News

Molly Russell’s inquest to put focus on big tech

Almost five years after she took her own life, the inquest into the death of teenager Molly Russell is due to begin. Molly, 14, saw large amounts of material around self-harm, suicide and depression on social media. She killed herself in 2017 after viewing this material on social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. […]

Jeremy Vine attacks social media firms after jailing of stalker Alex Belfield

Jeremy Vine: jailed stalker’s content is still online: ‘social media firms just don’t care’…

Mayor blames Leicester unrest on social media disinformation

Peter Soulsb, Mayor of Leicester says claims circulating online are very distorting, after tensions between Hindu and Muslim groups. Disorder that broke out in Leicester over the weekend between Hindu and Muslim communities escalated as a result of social media disinformation and a distortion of facts, the city’s mayor has said… To read the full […]

Social media trains people to be morally outraged, Yale researchers find

Extreme groups express more outrage than moderates, but moderates are more likely to be influenced by the posts. A high number of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ on social media posts incentivises people to become morally outraged, Yale researchers have found. To read the full article, please click here…

Incels: Inside a dark world of online hate

Jake Davison, the man suspected of killing five people in Plymouth had been active on social media platforms discussing the “incel” movement – young men describing themselves as “involuntarily celibate”. At least two previous mass killings, both in the United States have drawn attention to the online activities of these groups. So what do we […]

Social media fraud: The influencers promoting criminal scams

On social media, there’s a new type of influencer. But instead of promoting clothing lines and lifestyle products, they promote fraud. They flash stacks of cash, hide their faces, and some even lure new recruits by selling guides on committing fraud. You’d think these scammers and their illegal products would be hard to find, and […]

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