Smartphone Addiction Test

Adapted from a smartphone addiction test developed by Dr David Greenfield – founder of the Centre for Internet and Technology Addiction

Do you find yourself checking your phone for no special reason?

Do you sleep with your phone next to your bed?

Do you generally eat with your phone on the table?

If you accidentally leave your phone at home, do you feel anxious?

Do you spend more time communicating online than communicating in real life?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to complete tasks because you're interrupted by your phone?

Would you rather lose your wallet than your phone?

Do you ever feel connected online but lonely in real life?

Do you love your phone but hate the way some of the content it displays makes you feel?

If you answered yes:
1-2 times your behaviour is normal
3-4 times your behaviour is showing signs of being compulsive
5 or above, I’d recommend addressing your relationship with your phone.
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