Smartphones dominate the lives of young people, and that relationship has exposed a range of mental health issues.

Having a strong understanding of how smartphones and social media use affects thoughts, feelings and behaviour can build confidence and meaningful relationships in the real world, leaving users happier as they approach adulthood.

In his interactive talks Nick will discuss with his audience how young brains respond to the avalanche of social media stimuli, what it means for the way we communicate with our friends, and how we can have a much healthier relationship with technology.

Areas covered include:

  • How smartphones are designed to hook us in
  • Why people are so angry online
  • Why most influencers are very poor role models
  • How we form beliefs and how that process can be hijacked
  • How to look out for conspiracy theories and check their truthfulness
  • How to build real relationships
  • The 5 things that science says make you happy (none of them are to be found on a phone)

If you’d like Nick to come and speak at your educational organisation, please get in touch.

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